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Suruga Bay Recipe

It is the birth of a completely new healthy and healthy gastronomy that makes everyone smile. The "Suruga Bay Recipes" served at Hotel Quest Shimizu are compiled as healthy foods that anyone can enjoy. It is a full course that keeps the following six promises.


The most important thing is deliciousness
Not "delicious for healthy food"
Aiming to be as delicious as regular food and even better

Even if you eat a full course from appetizer to dessert, it's healthier than a plate of pasta.


Consider ingredients together with producers
(I thought about the ingredients necessary for the Suruga Bay recipe from scratch)


Suruga Bay recipe full course (reservation required, from 2 people)

¥5,500 per person (tax included)

*Please make a reservation by 15:00 the day before.



A full course of Shizuoka health gastronomy, which aims to "eat deliciously and become healthy", created together by a doctor and a Medichef.
(Course that promises to use low-calorie, low-sugar, low-salt, fat, deliciousness, and local ingredients)


■ Menu from 2023

~Cold Appetizer~
Vegetable presse and marinated steamed chicken
Shio Koji Vinaigrette


~Soup from Suruga Bay~
Sakura shrimp bisque


~Fish dishes~
Matsukasa grilled alfonsino champignon sauce


~Meat dishes~
beef roll steak marsala sauce


~Premio smart pasta with low sugar~
Oyster and grilled green onion cream sauce
Fragrance of sudachi


~Sugar-free Dolce Itookashi~
Chef's Omakase Dessert Platter

Verde after dinner
- Shizuoka organically grown mint green tea - If you don't like it, please let us know


~Low sugar bread~
Homemade bread "Rokapan"


(Full course, calorie 692kcal sugar 38.6g salt 2.9g)


<Dessert plate service>

・If you would like to perform a birthday or celebration,

Message plate and candle can be attached (free)

・Dessert can be upgraded for an additional fee (+550/person)

*Please let us know in advance. We cannot respond on the day.


 - Other order course -

¥5 per person,500 (tax included) *reservation required


We also offer the following courses to meet your needs.

"Low protein course", "Halal course", "Vegetarian course", etc.


 - basic information -

  • business hours Lunch 11:30 — 14:00 (13:30 L.O.)
    Dinner 18:00 — 21:30 (21:00 L.O.)

  • Closed Sundays (dinner only) Mondays (lunch and dinner)

  • 1F, 30 seats (All seats are non-smoking)
    There is a parking lot (we will guide you to the partner parking lot during dinner)

    Allergy friendly, wheelchair accessible, Wi-Fi available.

 - inquiry -

​TEL 054-366-8783 (restaurant/banquet)

MAIL (Food and Beverage Division)

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