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There was one in Shimizu too.

Aiming to become a hotel that represents Shimizu

Since ancient times, Shimizu has prospered as a port town with a good natural port, Suruga Bay. The rich nature, beautiful harbor, and scenery of this town overlooking the sacred peak of Mt. Fuji have fascinated many people.

​As a hotel that has continued to move forward with this town since its opening, we would like to be a place that conveys the charm of Shimizu. Now that we are undergoing rapid change, we would like to turn our eyes once again to history, nature, culture and values, and convey the charm of this area. This thought is expressed throughout the hotel, including guest rooms, banquet halls, and restaurants.



A room where you can sleep soundly just like your own home, and a room that transforms business trips into the excitement of travel.
The elegant guest rooms with the theme of local charm are "Shimizu modern" and are suitable for business.
, We will provide you with a higher-grade comfort for sightseeing.


Based on the concept of "Shizuoka Italian with the feeling of the body", Shizuoka ingredients are used in olive oilAn Italian restaurant where you can enjoy the arrangement of natural salt.


healthy gastronomy

Enjoy delicious food to your heart's content and stay healthy.

At Hotel Quest Shimizu, doctors, nutritionists, and chefs have worked together to develop a healthy gourmet full-course "Suruga Bay Recipe."

​ You can enjoy it at restaurants and banquets.


We have prepared three banquet halls with a gorgeous atmosphere unique to a hotel, Shizuoka Italian food created by craftsmen who create the Fuji no Kuni food capital, and service full of smiles..



We offer a higher-grade catering service unique to hotels.

A different experience in a usual place.

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