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Aiming to become a hotel that represents Shimizu



“What would the landscape of this city have been like if we had valued the Shimizu-ness more?”

Looking at the current cityscape, I suddenly think so.

Rich greenery, beautiful Suruga Bay, and the scenery of this town overlooking the sacred peak of Mt. Fuji have long fascinated many people.

​As a hotel that was born in Shimizu and has lived together with the city, we believe it is our duty to spread the charm of this city.


History of Shimizu and Company History

Since ancient times, Shimizu has prospered as a port town with a good natural port, Suruga Bay.

A post town on the Tokaido was placed there, and it developed as a post town.

Many travelers have rested their bodies here.

Among them, Hotel Quest was also founded in this area in 1948 as the predecessor "Takeya Ryokan". Many guests, including celebrities from all walks of life, have visited the hotel, and it has been loved and nurtured as a ryokan that represents Shimizu.

The Japanese hospitality unique to a ryokan and the love for the local community have been handed down from that time to the present day.

Green and orange color the guest room

In today's rapidly changing world, we are being replaced by new things every day. Quest has embarked on a renovation of the entire building on the occasion of its 15th anniversary. At that time, this thought was exactly the concept.

The theme colors of the guest rooms are green and orange. Green expresses Shizuoka's specialty, tea, and the symbol of Takeya Ryokan, bamboo. Tea is a world-class specialty, and bamboo should not forget the founder's thought, "Don't forget your hometown, be kind to people." Orange is the symbol color of the city represented by "Shizuoka Mikan" and "Shimizu S-Pulse".

As a vitamin color that invigorates people, it is filled with the desire to energize customers and revitalize the city.


What they saw beyond Mt.Fuji

The wall motif of the large banquet hall in Quest is the ridgeline of Mt. Fuji from the Miho coast.
The design is the ridgeline of Mt.Fuji that Hiroshige Utagawa once saw in this area. Hiroshige's depiction of Mt. Fuji, which remains a masterpiece even now, has been colored in the banquet hall over time.
This was born through joint development with a Kyoto graduate school student who studies town planning.

Seeing the skyline of Mt. Fuji, a symbol of Japan, and celebrating the milestones of life, we want to give you the opportunity to reconsider your own existence.
This ridgeline is filled with such thoughts

Ingredients nurtured by rich nature

Because Shimizu is blessed with rich nature, it is also a treasure trove of ingredients. Fresh seafood, local vegetables and meat with plenty of sweetness, and sake made with beautiful water. At the hotel restaurant "Cuomo", we would like to convey the charm of Italian cuisine.

All of the menu items are original, made by hand from scratch by the chef. We believe that even in today's world where delicious things are overflowing, it is necessary to handcraft to convey "thoughts".
We hope that this place will become a source of “energy” and “culture” for the city of Shimizu.


People are the ones who convey their thoughts

No matter how wonderful facilities are prepared, it is "people" and "people" who convey thoughts.
The most important thing is "people", and we need to continue to hand down our thoughts through education.

The spirit of "Taraku", which is also our philosophy. and love for the hometown. We are still inexperienced, even though we have noble thoughts. I would like to grow step by step while receiving everyone's opinions and scolding.

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