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Start your day with a fine breakfast

breakfast buffet

The pride of Quest is the breakfast buffet. We are committed to "quality" and offer breakfast that makes use of ingredients grown in Shizuoka.


morning curry

Speaking of quest, morning curry. I made a prototype many times. Our dream is to provide a curry that makes you excited to wake up in the morning.


Triple the vegetables and unique spices


It uses plenty of vegetables and is seasoned with spices specially developed for breakfast. No animal oils are used.
That is the secret of "stomach-friendly" curry.


Why morning curry is good


It has been medically proven that eating curry increases the blood flow in the brain and improves concentration and calculation power.


Athlete Pork Soup

Original pork soup loved by many professional athletes. The power food that that soccer player eats is also for you.


Developed for professional soccer teams


This tonjiru is also nominated as a menu item for professional soccer teams. This is an original menu developed to win the game.


The power of soybeans brought about by soymilk


Athlete pork soup is made with soy milk.
A lot of protein from soybeans is the source of athletes' bodies.


Shizuoka brand tea

Shizuoka is synonymous with tea. By serving it cold, the flavor of the tea increases by 50%, and "epicalocatechin" restores immunity. This method is also used by local farmers.

deluxe single

Single/Double (1 to 2 people per room)

The guest room is 18 square meters and has a 144 cm wide Simmons double bed. A free Wi-fi environment is provided, and of course consideration is given to the business environment.


 - basic information -


  • Business Hours Daily    6:30~9:00

  • Fees Guests who book the day before: 1,000 yen (excluding tax) / Same-day reservations: 1,500 yen (excluding tax)
    *There is no set price for children.

  • Contents Japanese and Western buffet style
    In addition to the famous "Morning Curry", this is a buffet that offers Shizuoka specialties.

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